Right before Christmas we met Harry and Bernhard to get more background informations and details regarding their first DVD. Here are our questions:

Why does it take so long to finalize the DVD?

Bernhard: Hmm ... and it’s still not finished (Note: State Dez.2010) :-).
I'm just doing the cover and the booklet. Yesterday I finally finished the mix of 33 songs and then I have successfully synchronized the audio tracks to the video cuts ... it sounds really great. To me it was very important that everything is authentic. I didn’t want to use tricks, no exchange of vocals, not re-recordings of instruments, etc. All should be pure AXXIS ... and that was exactly the problem. Unfortunately, during the show, a drum microphone was not working. So, there were a few technical problems with the audio material that costs us months. But going into details would probably go too far ... right?

No, not at all. We'd like to have even more background information!

Bernhard:  Okay. For example, there was a problem with the drum recordings. The low tom of Alex drum-set was just gone because the microphone was broken. So Harry and I had to work out this problem in hours and hours of painstaking detail work. What was not that easy because Alex likes to play these super fast drum rolls with million of notes. So we had to listen to the audience tracks with a lot of noise to get this tom. In addition to that we had to correct every little new problem directly in every of these 33 songs. I don’t even like to think of the drum solo. A horror work!
Another problem was the cross talk. This means a disturbing noise of an instrument like Hi-Hat or Cymbal on my vocal microphone for example... whatever.  So whenever I wanted to make the voice more brilliant, the hi-hats and cymbals have been louder in the mix too. I managed that problem with some strange tricks. But sometimes you can still hear it. Sure, I could re-record the vocals again, as in many other live productions. But unfortunately I just had the stupid claim to leave everything as it is: just LIVE & PURE! :-)

I also keep my own lyric mistakes during the show or even mistakes of the whole band ... sounds really funny when we desperately try to correct our mistakes while we’re playing. But that belongs to a real live show... and sometimes we’ve created really cool, new song arrangements :-) .

Why didn’t you want to record a DVD originally ?

Bernhard: We had a lot of work and because of time and cost reasons there was no way to organize DVD recordings. The actual show was more important to us!  So I had to produce the videos for the screens on stage and it took days (almost month) to find, cut, edit the video material and work it out, to get it right in time on the screens. That was highly time-consuming. At the same time the event needs to be coordinated with all the guests and ...band rehearsals were also not so unimportant, and, and, and...

So, why did you made the decision to record the show finally?

Bernhard: Many friends & people - including the fan club - said that it would be crazy and a real loss to miss this event without saving if for a DVD or live CD. We understand that but we had to carry the complete financial risk for this show alone. So we decided not to spent lots of money for a professional video crew or DVD production company. That was too risky for us.

Fortunately, Alex has a buddy named Kleif Baltes. He made it to his mission to realize this project. All our critical questions regarding costs etc. he answered with "come, we take cheap cameras", "come, we take my buddies as camera people," or "oh, I’ll do that privately in my spare time".  So we had no opportunities other than a clear YES for recording the show.  Well, now we'll have to live with some blurry pictures here and there, but the mood and atmosphere of this evening was perfectly capture by him and I think I worked out the sound very authentic.

Will you release this DVD with AFM?

Bernhard: I think it would be possible, but this time we decided to try it ourselves. I am still not sure whether this decision is good or bad ... but we have to learn and learn ...to increase our own experiences in this case... so what’s better than a real release?

Why did you decide to go this way?

Bernhard:  If we don’t try it ourselves, we will miss the boat. Since the release of TIME MACHINE this idea has been in our heads... but to be honest: We never had the courage to do it. AFM is a great record company with a well-functioning infrastructure, and for us it’s hard to bear the risk itself now...especially without this surrounding.  But with this DVD and our label Phonotraxx we want to know if we can be more independent in the future and if we will be able to do this.  Around the world you recognize a crystal clear trend of million artists to move toward independence. Therefore, I hope our fans support us and buy our first DVD directly from us.

What are the things you have to take care for as a DVD producer and young label?

Harry: There are many things you take for clear and you don’t think about it when you start. For example: how to put the bar code on the product and where to get it from? How does the FSK (a German self control system for young people) work as it is not voluntary, because law puts it under Youth Protection and in addition to that what do all the other numbers that are as always on the back of as a CD or DVD mean.
I am keyboardist and so I am familiar with my keys. Now here I found a completely new working environment which I had to get used to. If you don’t want to make mistakes you need time, because you always have to check everything twice and three times over. And while working on things like label code, GEMA, GVL, KSK, FSK, EAN and ISRC I remember that there was something else. Didn’t I want to write songs already for the new album?

What time is the official release date?

Bernhard: We try to release the DVD in March / April 2011. I hope it works!

Why so late?

Bernhard: First I have to finish the programming of our online shop then I have to create the website and then we want to put subtitles in multiple languages on the DVD. That costs a lot of time, is really expensive and actually totally uneconomic.... but I hope people in the foreign countries will reward that by buying the DVD. If not, we’ll never do it again.

Harry: We considered a long time whether English subtitles is enough or not. But we want our fans in the other countries to be as close as possible to this event. We could simply cut out Berny's talking during the show, but as I said ... we wanted an authentic picture of the gig in Bochum and the communication between Berny  & the audience is part of it.

How will you offer the DVD to the fans?

Harry: As we said before, Berny has designed a web shop for the people to offer the DVD and in the future downloads CD’s & merchandising. We’ll also try to find a distribution to get the DVD in the stores and of course we’ll try to sell them at our concerts.
Until the official release, we had the idea to sell vouchers in advance. With this coupon it will be possible to get the DVD before the official release and ...free of shipping costs.

Bernhard:  And because the owners of the vouchers have to wait for the DVD they’ll get the chance to win a 100€ amazon.de voucher on top!!

Okay so, how can we order the DVD?

Harry: To get the voucher simply fill out the form on our webpage www.axxis.de correctly. After the official release date you can order the DVD in our Phonotraxx web shop.
The order itself needs the number of DVD’s you want and a correct email & shipping address. Then the purchase amount of € 25, - must be transferred to our account via pre-payment or with PayPal. After receiving the money the voucher will be valid and entitles you to get the DVD when it's ready. That’s it.

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