Hi there,

you already have heard that unfortunately Nicky stopped the leading of  the Axxis-Fanclub, after many years of great work. Thanks a lot dear Nicky, just stay as you are and I hope we can see you in the future at many Axxis gigs. We wish you and your husband Chris all the best for your future.

Now I want to introduce myself. My name is Anja and I know Axxis for a long time, since the „Kingdom of the night“-times. I visited many gigs as a fan and you all know how much Axxis care about their fans, and so it happened that we get good friends. Additonally I started a few years ago helping Uwe at the merchandise and wrote some reports for the Axxis-club-magazine.

So it was no question for me to take the leading of the fanclub and to help the Axxis-guys.

I got experience in leading fanclubs, because I was some years the leader of the Helloween-Fanclub. But I still hope that you can support me in the same way like Nicky with reports, pictures …. The  fanclub is finally from fans (like me) for fans (like you). Nicky wants to help me as good as she can and of course Axxis will support all fanclub stuff, then that the Axxis-style!!!

I will try to lead the fanclub in the same way like Nicky did it, and you will soon get the first fanclub-magazine.

Now I´m waiting for you to support me and the fanclub and you can look forward to may 18th to the release of the new Axxis CD „ Rediscover(ed)“.

Rock on

Yours Anja

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Anja Fischer
Ruländerstr. 2
86179 Augsburg