NAMM 2013

by Marco Wriedt

Hey Everybody!

After so many years of trying to visit the NAMM show in Anaheim/California, it finally happened. For all non-musical geeks, the NAMM show is one of the biggest music fairs in the world and it is really important for a musician to be there, to make new contacts with companies and other musicians from all around the world.

The reason for me this year? The german high end company, ENGL-amps introduced a new product. The amazing pure-tube 20watts “Ironball” head. A real tube amp for all styles but in a small, easy to handle package. What a great amp. Played it for four days and can honestly say that I´m lovin´ it!

Besides that NAMM show, luckily enough, I had some day offs in Los Angeles.

When I arrived, I couldn´t believe how good the weather was. Summer vibes in January. Crazy stuff for a European in this time of the year but I liked it of course.
I spent most of my days at Manhattan beach which was close to my hotel, enjoyed watching all the blonde beach girls doing their thing. It really felt like summer!

Oh yes, I also loved the pancakes and seafood over there! Just great.

Having a walk at the beach every morning with the right music on my Ipod (Fleetwood Mac,Whitesnake,Lana Del Rey,Eagles) was very inspiring and beautiful!

I went to bed early the first couple of days because of the time difference and some nice wine from California made that pretty easy ;)

I spent the next couple of days in Hollywood where I had some meetings with old friends I met seven years ago on my first L.A adventure right before I joint AXXIS.

Great times at the Rainbow and some other cool clubs I can tell you.

One of the best things on this trip was the studio session in the Hollywood hills with the amazing Singer/Songwriter “Miranda Lee Richards”. I played two guest solos on her soon to be released new album.

The NAMM show started the day after, so I went to Anaheim, early morning with a coffee and bagel by shuttle. I arrived at the Anaheim convention center around 10 am. 

Where my ENGL-Amps buddies and friends welcomed me, as usual, with open arms and great spirits! The four days at NAMM were all great and everybody was happy with my performance. Of course that made me very happy as well. Thanx again guys!

It was also very inspiring to see so many great new players I haven´t even heard of so far.

There were also some signing sessions at the ENGL booth with legends like Steve Morse, Vivian Campbell, you name it…If you would have told me 15 years ago that I would appear on the same poster like these players….yes, exactly, I wouldn´t have believed that…especially not as a 28 year old.

Yes, this trip was very special and again I learned that a great, sometimes magical trip isn´t just about a great city. It´s about the people you are spending time with and I´m glad to say that I´ve met some really nice new people on this adventure!

And yes, if you combine that with listening to the right music at the right time, at the right place with inspiring people….that makes life unique and special. Thanx for getting that feeling again!

Now I´m looking forward to some upcoming AXXIS studio work and the Musikmesse/Frankfurt. 2013 started off amazing and this is still only the beginning!

See you out there!!
Marco Wriedt