The "Ruhrpott-Rock-Dinner"


Completely sold out within 24 hours! The first "Ruhrpott-Rock-Dinner" of a band ever.

80 Fans acted quickly to be present at a premiere on Dec. 7th 2013.
Before the press and other media, Axxis invited their Fans in Bergkamen to a Pre-Listening of the Mixes to their New Album "Kingdom of the night II"!

Therefore Schnitzel, which were so big and so tasty that they are well known far beyond the frontiers of Bergkamen and Fries were offered in a private and authentic Ruhrpott-Atmosphere.


Bernhard: "We were so excited and anxious how the songs were accepted by the most important people, The Fans.
We didn't want to copy "Kingdom of the night" itself but we tried to produce it with the same vibes as 1989.
This was very risky but after the reactions at the "Ruhrpott-Dinner" I'm very happy! We should write every participant on the CD-Booklet!"


Harry: "The songs are quite diversified in their style. With Folk, Metal, Hardrock with an irish touch and ballads, all very melodic and Axxis-like, Kingdom of the night II will be very diverse. Two songs are very special! In occasion of the 25th anniversary we wrote "Kingdom of the night" and "Living in a world" new. We didn't want to make them better … that is impossible! What we want is to say thank you for the reason that these songs brought us so far."


AXXIS: "We want to say Thanxx to the Funkclub Bergkamen, everybody of Szenenwerk, the"Schnitzel girls" all our fans who visited this event. Your feedback is really important for us a big thanxx!"








This is what the fans say:

Stephan: "... it was super fat ... this is how it should be ... !!
Spontaneous highlights were: "Venom", "Gone with the wind", "Beyond the sky" and "We are the world"!"


Axel: " I can say that the songs were very catchy right from the first moment on. Sound and lyrics are incredible and the ballads were absolutely overwhelming."



Kai: "I liked the tracks really very much. I'm a fan of ballads and so totally satisfied. I can't hardly wait till the two albums (Black & White) were released."

Dirk: "I liked the songs very, very much!"

Heiko: "Especially "Hall of Fame" and "Mary married a monster" (White Edition Version) were the songs that I liked. But also "Venom" and "We are the world", "Kingdom of the night II" and "Living in a dream" are at its best."

Gerhard und Sabine: "I think the both CD´s were awesome and hopefully they will become the most successful Axxis-Album. Axxis, from the beginning up to the present in all its facets, there was no song that we didn't like!"

Anja, Volker und Enrico: "The Songs are great. We can expect two really good albums. There is everything that made Axxis to what it is!"

Anja: "Kingdom of the night II" was my favorite. I liked the mixture of "old-Styled" and "new-Styled" Axxis-Songs. You can find something for every taste. Also "We are the world" and the Crossing-Over of "Mary married a monster" are very good."


Bernd und Steffi: "Your songs are really outstanding. We can't expect the albums now. Finally it will be songs that will be played non-stop and for month in our car!"

Vera: "... every song was cool especially "21 crosses" my favorite… goose bumps feeling....!"

Frank: "My favorite is "Hall of Fame", it includes all Axxis-Trademarks.
"We are the world" with its Mandolin was an exotic delicacy and "21 Crosses" really rocked despite the tragic facts!"



Peggy und Norbert: "Hall of fame" was the best. Particularly with "21 Crosses" ran ice coldly the back down. "Heaven in Paradise", "We are the world", "Mary, married a monster"... ...GREAT!
"Kingdom of the night Part II" is managed perfectly!"







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