"Back to the Kingdom" Pre-Production

Chaos everywhere when I hit the ringing button at the door of the XX-Studio(germanpage). Kuno opens the door. I can't realize that it's him since he can't find the light button. Some drumming can be heard from the back of the building - a sign that Richard is somewhere near. From the mixing room I can hear an English word beginning with an "f". Kuno grins: "Well, we wanted to start recording a couple of guitar sounds today, we built up many amps and effects but then our computer specialists ruined the programmes.

When I stepped into the above mentioned room I found Bernhard and a young, long-haired man sitting in front of the PC screen typing in various numbers and sometimes as the likes of "y" or "n". Bernhard is obviously enlightened to have a change and introduces the guy with the long hair to me as the newbie in Axxis: Guido. I was told that he also knows much about PC's and after he'd phoned someone and continued to push those buttons together with Bernhard again a question came into our minds: "Guido, are here because you really can play the guitar or are you here because of your knowledge about computers?" The newbie isn't sure about this. At some time it becomes clear that the driver doesn't work with the new graphic card and the recording programme. I'm also not sure if one needs a 3D-card for working with text data and similar only. Bernhard's reaction on this is quite normal: "In general you're right. You know what? I'll exchange it with my poor card at home and will there use the great 3D-card instead. Great, I can do that alone, you'll do the interview then..."

Kuno, Guido and me change the location into the relax room where we sit down and relax with a cup of coffee (Richard has to be a coffee junkie - there's usually coffee in the house when he's in). The relaxing is over when Guido mentions: "Let's go.", and I pull my question papers and some pens out of my bag. Filling out those question papers becomes a destaster. Guido has his first problem with question 6, his favorite dish, whereas Kuno already isn't sure about question 4, his height. Kuno is wondering how it can be that Guido is between 1,78 m and 1,82 m tall. „Well, one is taller in the moring than in the evening..."; „Concerning your age you should have shrinked already! The conversation continues in a similar way about a pair of jeans which both got as Christmas presents and which shall be identical but different in colour and size. Guido is taller but Kuno is more stout. I don't recognize this. But what I recognize is that Kuno in real isn't called Kuno at all, his name is Udo. "I have no idea why this is, but no-one calls him Udo. Even his parents call him Kuno", Guido explains. This guy later will have heavy problems to name his "Best album of all" and tries to escape the situation with blaming me: "This is really tough. Can you do this spontaneously?" I nod. "Without any Axxis album...???" I'm still noddin. "Bryan Adams - Reckless." Guido gives it up.

The question about their personal favourite song is answered simultaneously with „The way I feel". Obviously an old song from the times they played in another band together. They also had the opinion concerning the question how they have earned money before: "Money? What is that?" How much they are similar becomes obvious while answering the question about their "favourite band and singers": Axxis and Bernadette Weiß. More and more I can think of why their former band was called "Circus"....

The final highlight of the question paper is the description of their band mates with one word. Regarding all the above mentioned happenings it should be clear why Kuno describes one of his band mates with "technically giftet" .

After we finished this desaster I would have liked to talk about some serious stuff and ask how they both joined Axxis. Guido already deeply breathes in as I stop him: "I already know your story (and you will as well soon), because I've already spoken with Harry on the phone shortly before Christmas!" This is the chance for Guido to use his breath : "What did he tell you?". Once again: "Well, he told me that he grabbed every guitarist he could until you came along...."

Guido horrified contacts Kuno „What did you do????? Whom did you bring with you as well?" "Well, everyone who was possible, I know quite a few....", Kuno adds. "Harry also told me that they all couldn't play", I tried to comfort Guido whereas he mentions: "He might have thought that he has to keep the best for last." Kuno of course rushes to agree to this.

Then it's time for Kuno's story: "Axxis put an announcement into the magazine ,Gitarre und Baß'. I called them a couple of times and finally I became to chance to play for them. Afterwards we rehearsed together a couple of times and at some point Bernhard, Harry and Richard offered me to stay."

OK, both had know each other before and played together in a band called "Circus".Both again tell me simultaneously that they have been successful in Bielefeld where they both come from. The name was their programme and their show included an performance by a 12-year-old acrobat and magician. If you see this guy as idol, Axxis' career immensively will start through because the grown up boy is now a dancer with successful pop act "Blümchen".

What is left is to figure out if both had known Axxis before. Their answer sounds like a choir: „Sure, Axxis, ,Kingdom of the night'; ,Livin' in a world', we grew up with those. And when it comes to German Hard Rock bands they definitely belong to the idols of any German upcoming Hard Rock musician!" On my spontaneously thrown in and joking question why they'd joined Axxis then, Kuno firstly answers: "Because of the nice fanclub leader!"...If he knew....

With my next question I would like to get back serious again: "What do you expect from your first gig with the band?" And what impression did you, Kuno, have about your first show?" Kuno answers again as first: "Fun and a great dinners." "Ey", Guido complains "she has asked me first. The answer counts for Kuno...But let me ask the other way round: What do the fans expect from me?" Good question, because I can only answer for myself of course. "Let's think about it, hmm, first of all to bring some vibes back to the guitar playing. I don't have that high ambitions. And maybe a good mood as well..." „And a great dinner..." Kuno adds. That might not be so difficult since Guido finally admits that cooking is one of his hobbies. „Well, Guido, but you didn't answer my question with this." I mention. Guido starts to think a bout it: „Well, firstly I hope that the fans will accept me and don't blame me because I took over Walter's job. And as well the things Kuno told you: parties, fun and...a great dinner?" That's all concerning a serious regard of this topic. The next question also is taken as fun: „What do you do when you're not in Axxis? „Sleeping." is the as usual simultane answer. Both obviously sit down at home in front of the stereo which is full packed with Axxis CDs and rehearse with them. But only if they aren't needed in the studio at the time. Guido admits as first that he's also some time left for watching TV, video games and his PC. Finally, Kuno agrees to this and both also feel sorry that they don't have anything more exciting like bungee jumping without the rope to tell about.

Richard enters the room and disturbs our small party. He doesn't want to disturb us (for what the others blame him naturally) but I don't have anymore questions in mind as well. So, we stop the talk for this time.


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