The beginning...


AXXIS Foto zur KINGDOM OF THE NIGHTIt all started ...

...with a "one-song demotape" which was recorded in Kamen (Hermes Studios) with a little help by Wolfgang Pentighaus in 1988. Featured on this tape was a song called "TEARS OF THE TREES" which was sent out to all record companies. After EMI hadn't signed Axxis because of this song, the demotape was sent out again, was accepted and started to rave in the complete EMI headquarters and...

the story of AXXIS began...

  • Aktuelles AXXIS Foto zur AXXIS II CDFebruary 1989: release of Axxis' first album "KINGDOM OF THE NIGHT"
  • September 1989: European tour with BLACK SABBATH
  • October 1989: Multimedia Award for best selling ever debut album by a German Hard Rock band
  • August 1990: release of the follow-up album AXXIS II
  • September 1990: a couple of small tours in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Mai 1991: release of the live-record "ACCESS ALL AREAS"
  • August-September 1992: production of the album "THE BIG THRILL" in Philadelphia and NewYork with Joey Balin
  • February 1993: Record scored for the fastest ever production of a vinyl album at EMI's pressing plant due the die out of vinyl and the shut down of the plant which followed.
  • March: 1993: release of the album "THE BIG THRILL"
  • May-June 1993: on tour with support act GORKY PARK
  • 05/28/93: performance at ROCK AM RING festival
  • 05.30.93: Rock AUF DER INSEL at Vienna's Praterstadion
  • October -December1994: production of the album " MATTERS OF SURVIVAL" in Los Angeles at Goodnight LA Studios with Keith Olsen
  • February 1995: release of the album "MATTERS OF SURVIVAL"
  • May-June1995: on tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • 06.04.95 : ROCK IM PARK
  • October 1996: production of the record " VOODOO VIBES" at DierksStudios in Cologne
  • February 1997: release of the album "VOODOO VIBES"
  • May 1997: on tour in Germany
  • December1997: double headliner tour with U.D.O. in Germany and Switzerland
  • January 1998: departure of guitarist Walter Pietsch
  • February 1998: Harry Oellers, Bernhard Weiß and Richtie Michalski decide to continue to work with the band AXXIS and start again
  • since May 1998: on search for a new guitarist and bassist
  • December 1998: Guitarist Guido Wehmeyer and bassist Udo(Kuno) Niemeyerjoin the band
  • December 1998: immidiate beginning of the recordings for the new AXXIS album.Massacre-Records signed the band.MATTERS OF SURVIVAL Foto
  • January 2000: the mix and the mastering of the new album "Back to the kingdom" has finished. The cover-design and the first official photos are done.
  • March 2000: After a two years break AXXIS released their album "Back to theKingdom". A little comeback...
  • April 2000: The Tour with PC69 through germany was a big success.
  • November 2000: AXXIS released a spezial Fanedition called "Collection of Power".. A "Thanxx" for a AXXIS fans and they The New AXXIS Lineup !stared a european tour with PC69 .
  • September 2001: AXXIS released their cd "EYES OF DARKNESS" . This multimedia cd included a freeware game called ROCKMINE and a live videoclip of "Shadowman"

The AXXIS Lineup 2000 !