Songs & Statements

  • Kings Made Of Steel (Acoustic version):
    the wellknown song from the first cd. Now AXXIS played this song like on some of their gigs in an acoustic cover

  • When The Cats... (Demo):
    Recorded in the rehearsal room and introduced for "The big Thrill" cd. Bernhard:"This song was not good enough for the album!" In spite of all I think it's a great song with wonderfull choruslines.

  • All  What I Want (Demo):
    The basic song for "ALL MY LIFE" on the "MATTERS OF SURVIVAL" cd. Here recorded in the reheasalroom again

  • Lazy Sun (Demo):
    Powerfull version of an idea that never reched the production level. I like this groove.

  • Ride On The Daylight (Demo):
    Wonderfull ballade that deals about reincarnation and buddism. The chorus line is al ittle bit weak, but the amosphere is great. Also recorded in the rehearsal room

  • Burning Rain (Demo):
    Great atmoshere, wonderfull feeling. The song was not recorded on a production, because AXIS wrote to many ballads in this periode of time

  • Through The Gates (Demo):
    This riff that was responsible for the IDOLATOR song on the "MATTERS OF SURVIVAL" cd.
    But to be honest to you ...I'm not abel to hear this. A good riff rocker. Not bad;-)

Infos for PURE & ROUGH

It started as a test for AXXIS. They offered fans worldwide a special internet cd with the company

Unreleased song, recorded in the rehearsal room...pure and rough! This material includes material from songwriter sessions or a collection of basic song ideas. I think it's a very special offer...only for the fans!

Since the beginning of 2003 Unfortunatly is down.

If you are interested in buyin' this cd we can offer you our selfburned project.

You can get the cd selfburned with a selfmade cover print for 12 ,-Euro + 5,-Euro postage. More infos on our merchandisingpage.

Or write easily your order including your name and adress to !