01.08.2014 - Tour 2014 confirmed
2014 will be an AXXIS year. The band will be celebrate their 25 anniversary and they will release their next studio production. We have had the chance to listen to the demo and we have to say ... the songs are amazing:-)

Besides all the 25 anniversary tour in 2014 is confirmed already ...so get your tickets as soon as possible:-)

09.06.2013 - Swedenrock 2013
Click on the picture for a better view!AXXIS are back from the Swedenrock Festival.
They have played there for the first time and... it was incredible. The positive and good reputation of the festival could be attested by the band now. Super weather, kind people, perfect organisation and fantastic fans have made this day special for the band.

THANXX Sweden...
and soon they will be back:
17.08.2013 - Falun / Rockstad Falun Festival !

25.05.2013 - Digital Re-release
Now you can order the digital re-release of "Paradise in Flames" and "Time Machine" + new BONUSTRACK under the label of PHONOTRAXX in every Downloadshop.

Hier "Time Machine" und "Paradise in Flames" von Amazon herunter.

Hier "Time Machine" und "Paradise in Flames" von Musicload herunter.

Hier "Time Machine" und "Paradise in Flames" von iTunes herunter

16.04.2013 - New Bonus Song & re-release
After the AXXIS albums "Paradise in Flames" & "Time Machine" were transfered from AFM Records to PHONOTRAXX Publishing, a re-release will take place for the online distribution at the 24th, May 2013.

Thereby the unreleased track called "CIRCUS OF LOVE" will be digitally available. The former limited edtition bonus tracks " Break your soul " & "Tales of Glory Island (Special Edition)" will be downloadable on itunes, Amazon, musicload etc...too.

Regular cds will be still distributed by Soulfood, the PHONOTRAXX distribution.

21.01.2013 - The Plan
The year 2013 has just begun and AXXIS have a lot of ideas in their mind. Harry and Berny are working at a the big plan right now and they promise us lots of surprises, Marco is playing at the NAMM / USA for Engl , the Swedenrock Festival and the Rockstad Falun Festival are confirmed and we're all waiting for the next AXXIS album...it should be something really special...

...up to now we don't get any details from AXXIS regarding their new album...

20.10.2012 - BONUS SONGS
AXXIS are going to release a special BONUS EDITION of their uncommon coversong CD"reDISCOver(ed)"at the 30.11.2012. This release will be available only as a DOWNLOAD Version with 5 more songs from U2, LED ZEPPELIN, SPLIFF, FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS and PAUL YOUNG.
With this AXXIS complete and finish their cover song project that should have given you a critical look on cover songs, copying etc. In spite of all it's a great piece of music that could replace and save any DJ on your party :-)

Meanwhile the successful "GREATEST ALBUM SONG" tour is going on with some additional gigs in Germany. Here you can enjoy AXXIS with their own songs live on stage:-)

05.10.2012 - five additional gigs
Because of the success of their "GREATEST ALBUM SONGS" tour, mainly in the south of Germany, AXXIS decided to play two addional concerts in the North. At the 18.and 19 of Decembers AXXIS will be play their outstandig setlist in Hamburg and Bremen too...Support will be DAWN OF DESTINY.
The 2.11 in Luenen is sold out already but AXXIS is going to play another show at the 03.11...and again we want to confirm two gigs in the South: Burgrieden (26.12) and Crailsheim festival with Primal Fear & Sinner (28.12.)

The raffle COME, ENJOY an WIN will go on:-)

01.10.2012 - THANXX :-)
THANXX to everybody who supported us so well during our clubtour in Germany. Thanxx to our supportbands Mercury Falling and Burnin' Alive who did a great job.

We didn't expect such a great success for our "GREATEST ALBUM SONG" TOUR ... and it's still going on:-)
The atmosphere in the band is fantastic and we're thinking to organize some more shows in the north of Germany. Our raffle COME, ENJOY & WIN (see below) will continue:-)
so... stay tuned and watch out for some more gigs

[ tourdates ]

AXXIS - twice in Sweden 2013
It's a premiere! We're really happy to announce our first show on the Swedenrock Festival.  AXXIS never got a chance to play there before...In 2013 we're going to be with Rush, StatusQuo Krokus and many, many more bands on stage.

And we're on another great festival in Sweden. The Rockstad:Falun Festival...great! http://rockstadfalun.se/

We're really looking forward to a couple of magic days in Sweden:-)

05.09.2012 - Join us, Enjoy & WIN !
In a couple of days the AXXIS clubtour will take place.

With their "GREATEST ALBUM SONG" - tour AXXIS are going to play 2 songs from every album.

Beside all that visitors can win 100,-EURO or optionally being part of the next official AXXIS-videoclip.

Just leave your e-mail adress at the merchandisingstand.
The winner will be chosen after the tour.

So, let's buy your ticket right now, join us, enjoy and win!!!


18.07.2012 - AXXIS support
One of the reason for reDISCOver(ed) was the AXXIS criticism regarding the flood of copies and coverbands all around. Because they all playing everywhere in clubs, young and fresh bands haven't have the chance to play live anymore. On this tour AXXIS want to support creativ, fresh and unknown bands.

During the first gigs (13.-16-09) AXXIS are going to present a young and unsigned band called "BURNIN' ALIVE". They will play their own production "TATTOO OF THE DEVIL". For two other shows the PussySissters will join the party.

On the second part of the tour (27.-30.09) AXXIS wil be supported by "MERCURY FALLING" a PHONOTRAXX band. With their brandnew top album "INTO THE VOID" they got a lot of great reviews all over the world.

So don't miss this events because the "GREATEST ALBUM-SONGS"-Tour will be a surprise and an experiment definitely. So don't hesitate to join the party and visit the bands :-) [tourdates]

09.07.2012 - interview
Just to give you a clue regarding the plan behind for reDISCOver(ed) we choose some interviews with Bernhard Marco & Harry on our fanpage.
08.07.2012 - AXXIS on tour
Here we go again:-).
After the festival season AXXIS will be on tour according to the motto: "GREATEST ALBUM-SONGS" they'll put the most popular songs of every album on the setlist...and don't expect songs from reDISCOver(ed):-)

Support /Special guest: Mercury Falling and Pussy Sissters will be supporting AXXIS on a couple of shows.
The ROCK It, Metal.de, musix and GOODTIMES mag will present the tour in Germany.

Here are the dates: [tourdates]

25.05.2012 - reDISCOver(ed) - OUT
Radio stations in Germany like Bayern 3, Rock Antenne etc. celebrate the new AXXIS coversong album very much.

A lot of magazines are satisfied with the very uncommon cd , some of them are a bit confused and some of them are still ignoring the real reason for this release, anyway...AXXIS won't play these songs live.
"The reason for this release was not only the fun we've had in producing!"
 mentioned Bernhard. The band expected a very polarizing release -simply because of the selected songs- and they got it:-)

Bernhard: "We're a bit surprised right now, because the album is selling very well. On Amazon it was sold out temporarily. Our distribution and our label were not prepared for this number of cd's. The album appeared even in the official German trend charts!"
Harry: "Without having had any promotion aboard of Germany there's even a great demand over there. That's really cool and we're really pleased, especially for Mercury Falling and Dawn of Destiny. Because reDISCOver(ed) seems to push their great cds too!"

You can order AXXIS, Dawn of Destiny or Mercury Falling here and on www.phonotraxx.de

23.04.2012 - presale starts
From today the presale for AXXIS, DAWN OF DESTINY & MERCURY FALLING has begun.
You can get your favourite cd before official release only on this homepage - shippingcost free.

And again you can order via PAYPAL or via prepayment. Therefore we created a PAYPALSHOP including a cart system and again a prepayment-form.
If you have further question regarding your order don't hesitate to ask harry@axxis.de.

Dawn of Destiny and Mercury Falling will be released in May,4th . AXXIS a couple of days later ...at 18th, May. But you can order now and you'll get a week earlier.

01.04.2012 - Mastering done
The mastering of the new AXXIS coversong album reDISCOver(ed) is done. Bernhards great mix was finished by mastermind Juergen Lusky (HOFA studios).

After some fans and music specialists took a listen to the whole production they're all loving the mix, the interpretation and the selection of songs enthusiastically!

...by the way: We want to say thanxx to all voters. AXXIS have been considered 95% of your votes. And apparently your choice was perfect :-)

[Here is the final song list]

08.03.2012 - first signings
Phonotraxx Publishing have signed their first bands: "Dawn of Destiny" and "Mercury Falling".
Further information on our new Phonotraxx link...

[ go to Phonotraxx ]

01.03.2012 - New Fanclub leader
Unfortunately Nicky Morgan has to give up her longlasting AXXIS fanclub leadership for personal reasons.

Anja Fischer will take over the leadership
[...more information on our fanclubpage under NEWS]

18.02.12 - The AXXIS Cover Project
AXXIS are going to release a cover song album in 2012 and they start working on a new "regular" AXXIS album for 2013.

As well as the DVD this cover project was not really planned. Harry and Bernard have been so busy by founding their own label Phonotraxx and by designing and releasing their first DVD that there wasn't enough time for songwriting.

Bernhard: " In the beginning of 2010 Harry and I discussed a lot about the times in which we grew up, the former club scene, the music program on TV and also about the million cover bands, which flood the market today. So we came up to the question: Should we give it a try to record some of the great international hits. The more we talked about this, the more attractive it was to us and the idea was born! "

But AXXIS would not be AXXIS if they would simply record only coversong versions. They have given themselves only one rule. No metal songs!

Harry: "We grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and bands like YES, Jethro Tull, Billy Idol, Kiss, AC / DC were played on the radio and in the clubs, but also songs from Bee Gees, ELO, Kraftwerk, Spliff etc. ... songs with which we've got special moments and experiences. Even if we'd listened more to Hardrock bands, we were all influenced by this music and this time... and in this context ...we h ad released the album "Kingdom of The Night".
So I'm very excited to see how this coveralbum will influence the next AXXIS album in 2013 :-)!

Bernhard:" It took a long time to get a title for the album. But now I think with "reDISCOver(ed)" everythinig is said:-) By the way, you all have the chance to VOTE for the songs you would like to hear on this album. We're really looking forward for you votes:-)!"

18.05.2011 - DVD on AMAZON now