In the year 2000 AXXIS formed their own publishing company called PHONOTRAXX Publishing. With the release of the first real official bootleg of a band in 2011 this publishing company was expanded to a label .
In 2012 PHONOTRAXX signed their first bands. We 're glad to announce the release of the band "DAWN OF DESTINY" and "MERCURY FALLING" ...coming up in MAY 2012 !!
You can order the cds here:

+++ New Releases of MERCURY FALLING and DAWN OF DESTINY  +++

Two exiting releases are just around the corner on 4th May on the Axxis Label Phonotraxx Publishing:The Progressiv-Metaler of MERCURY FALLING present their new Album „Into the Void“ and DAWN OF DESTINY will release their 4th album „Praying to the World”.


Since 15 years, MERCURY FALLING dedicated themselves in progressive power metal and catchy melodic rock. Founded by the brothers Tobias (guitar) and Daniel Galmarini (Keyboard) and reinforced by Michael Pope (vocals), Paul Quarter (bass) and Maicel Panitz (drums) the group starts from Fulda.

With a first place in a junior competition MERCURY FALLING was able to produce their first demo "Impression of a Dream" and get the support of established colleagues such as Norman Meiritz (Avantasia) or Edguy guitarist Jens Ludwig for their first studio album "Panta Rhei". Mercury Falling represents mid-tempo tracks where songwriting and voice arrangements are clearly in the foreground.

The forefathers of heavy metal Metallica and Iron Maiden cannot be denied in their music, but also bands like Dream Theater or Symphony X. 2006 Metal Hammer named the album "Panta Rhei" demo of the month in the division "Heroes of Tomorrow". It was followed by the album "Human Nature", led by Piet Sielck (Iron Savior) in Hamburgs Hammer Studios. The final touch of details to the songs was done by Andy Van Dette at the Master Disk Studios in New York who also refined productions by Bruce Dickinson, WASP and Kid Rock. On 04th May this year now, "Into the Void", the fourth album of the group will be released.

Fans can look forward to good quality and new listening experience. The Co-Production for guitar, bass and drums was done by Jens Ludwig (Edguy). Piet Sielck (Iron Savior, Savage Circus) agreed again to record the vocals and to mix the CD in Hamburg. And again Andy Van Dette in the Master Disk Studios in New York was responsible for the mastering. As guest musician you can hear Oliver Palotai (Kamelot, Doro), Jens Ludwig (Edguy), Piet Sielck (Iron Savior, Savage Circus).

28.01.2012 Mercury Falling – Cross Music Festival
10.03.2012 Mercury falling – Kreuz (Support: Sons of Seasons) - Fulda
30.04.2012 Mercury Falling – Alexander the Great -Mainz
09.06 2012 Mercury Falling – Live Music Hall – Weiher
30.06.2012 Mercury falling – Rock in Schroth Festival
27.09.2012 AXXIS Support - Augsburg / Spectrum
28.09.2012 AXXIS Support - Burglengenfeld
29.09.2012 AXXIS Support - Zlín (CZ) Masters Of Rock Café
30.09.2012 AXXIS Support - tba.
02.11.2012 AXXIS Support - Phonotraxx Festival Lünen (Axxis, Dawn of Destiny)
02.11.2012 Mercury Falling – Phonotraxx Festival Lünen (Axxis, Dawn of Destiny)
09.11.2012 Mercury Falling – Live Music Hall – Weiher (Red Circuit)
21.12.2012 Mercury Falling - Apokalypse Festival


DAWN OF DESTINY are familiar with many subgenres of metal. On the basis of fast power metal, they enrich their compositions with elements of thrash, goth and death metal. The group, led by bassist and songwriter Jens Faber, is coming from Bochum. DAWN OF DESTINY is complemented by Jeanette Scherff (Vocals), Veith Offenbächer (guitar), Dirk Raczkiewicz (keyboards).

On tour with Sabaton, Custard or Tankard DAWN OF DESTINY have earned their reputation as a compelling and energetic live band. Their debut album "... DOD Begins" (2007) made them very popular with fans and press.
As support for "House Of Lords" (USA), the group toured through Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland. With the second album "Rebellion in Heaven" they managed to maintain their high profile: The disc was released, among other things, at the major label Marquee / Avalon in Japan.

"Human Fragility" the most ambitioned album of DAWN OF DESTINY followed in 2009 with guest singers Bernhard Weiss (Axxis) and Ian Parry (Vengeance, Ayreon, Elegy). Festival gigs with Axxis, Primal Fear and Brainstorm completed the release. In addition, DAWN OF DESTINY supported the German rock legend Axxis successfully on their "20 Years Anniversary Tour" in 2011.
And even with "Praying To The World", which will be released on 04th May by the Label Phonotraxx with Soulfood as the distribution company DAWN OF DESTINY will not disappoint the fans in their expectations. Dennis Koehne, as a guarantor of quality, accompanied the recordings as producer.

04.05.2012 Mercenaries Metal Meeting 666, RAZ4U Datteln
13.10.2012 Hobbit-Keller, Zweibrücken
02.11.2012 Phonotraxx Labelnacht
30.11.2012/01.12.2012 Metal for Mercy, Witten