The story of AXXIS' Anniversary DVD - [ The official Bootleg ]

During the preparations for the anniversary show AXXIS had no time to think about a DVD production etc.
Bernhard: "We’ve had a lot of work because of the show and for time and cost reasons we couldn’t find a way to organize a DVD recording. The forthcoming show has been more important to us! "

But Kleif Baltes, a video producer, made it possible.  It is due to his efforts that the show was recorded. He convinced the band to save this show on videotape. It was decided in the short term, to engage a film crew and to record the show with a mix of professional and consumer cameras. Even Nobby - a long-time fan – with his new HD camera contributes to the realization of the DVD.  Jürgen Will was responsible for the fan & friend interview recording and our long-term sound engineer Charly was responsible to the Audio-recordings. He had given us his 24 track recorder.
Harry: "Without these people the thing would not have been possible!"
It took six months, only for editing the audio recordings that Bernhard had mixed in his SOUNDWORXX studio. At the same time Kleif Baltes team was working on the cuts. 7 cameras had to be coordinated; many of them were not suitable for the lighting conditions during the show. A lot of scenes had to be cut out and edited. Above all was the goal, to bring the concert in Bochum musically and visually into the living room of the fans.

Read the interview with Bernhard & Harry and learn why the DVD production costs so much time, what have been the problems with the sound recordings, why AXXIS want to go new ways, why the release and delivery date will be in March/April? Etc ... [Go to the interview with Harry & Bernhard]

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