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THEIR FIRST DVD: "20 YEARS OF AXXIS" - The Official Bootleg

The first AXXIS DVD & CD called "20 YEARS OF AXXIS” is OUT NOW !

AXXIS have made music history with the first "Official Bootleg" DVD of a band that was released completely by the band itself. ...Cover artwork, mix , even subtitles in 3 languages, almost everything... even a label was founded for this release.
Usually labels are fighting against bootlegs but in this case a label was founded because of a bootleg. AXXIS turned the world upside down.-)

This is the story:
At the 13 Dec. 2009 AXXIS celebrated their “20 Years Anniversary Show” with fans & friends in the venue “Zeche Bochum”.  During almost 4 hours AXXIS offered their guests, fans and friends an outstanding show. Band and fans turned the stuffed “Zeche” into a madhouse.

Soon the result of that legendary night will be available for everyone. 33 songs from all AXXIS periods, guests such as Rolf Stahlhofen (Ex-Söhne Mannheims), Kosta Zafirou (Pink Cream 69), The Obel (Comedian), Walter Pietsch (Ex-AXXIS), Kuno Niemeyer (Ex-AXXIS), Dirk Brand and Thomas (Harry) Weinkauf (SAT1 TV-Police officer) and many wonderful fans from around the world were responsible for the shows’ success .
The guest list featured also old companions from the early EMI days such as Wolfgang Funk (at that time responsible for the EMI marketing, founder of GUN Records), Bob Arnz (former EMI A&R manager, now manager of Lafee), Rolf Hanekamp (producer of Kingdom of the night and AXXIS II) and more. On the DVD we'll get some interviews with some of them. They will give us some interesting anecdotes, surprises, unknown stories and funny things about the band’s earliest days.

But there's another special thing going on this DVD. It will be AXXIS first own release.  Bernhard: "If we don't try it ourselves, we will miss the boat. Since the release of TIME MACHINE this idea has been in our heads... but to be honest: We never had the courage to do it. AFM is a great record company with a well-functioning infrastructure, and for us it's hard to bear the risk itself now.  But with this DVD and our label Phonotraxx we want to know if we can be more independent in the future and if we will be able to do this.  Around the world it's a crystal clear trend of a many artists to move toward independence. Therefore, I hope our fans support us and buy our first DVD directly from us! "

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