Harry's report from Prague and Zlin

Prague, 1.4.2010

After successful performances at the two Masters of Rock festival in 2007 and 2009, we are now on the way to club shows in Prague and Zlin (this is the place in which the Masters Festival takes place), where we now can give our full set of the best . At the Festival, we only played about an hour.

We opted for the same setlist as in Spain, with "Underworld" and "Heaven in black" during our Acousticset.

On my trip to the airport to Cologne the day before, it happened what had to happen - I blew a tire on the car.

Thank God I had set off earlier because of the expected traffic jam around Cologne. I called the rest of the band to keep them informed, waiting for the ADAC. I didn’t had to wait long so that I arrived at the airport just in time. So much stress in the early morning.

After arriving in Prague and the journey to the hotel, everybody was hungry and thirsty but in the hotel was nothing. Our driver, also our guide, gave us a tip, but disappeared shortly after. In Prague without any idea of the language - that sounded like an adventure.

Near the hotel there was a restaurant. We all fell into the shop and after the first round of Czech beer (the show was next day and a 0.5 liter beer cost the equivalent of € 1.30) everybody was in a good mood. We ate Pizza (for € 3) and so we sat there all afternoon into the evening and listened Marcos anecdotes, which he gave loudly for the best, until then the rest of the band and the guys from the Supportband Mad Max, arrived.

It was definitely not the right time to discuss details now and so we decided to do that next day.

When I woke up in the Show day, I unfortunately had to conclude that Czech beer has the same effects, as German. I decided for breakfast, but there was none. Aha.

Most of us decided then to go into town with our manager Nikolas, who is originally from Prague, as a translator in order to find a McDonalds. I stayed at the hotel. McStupid is not really mine and got my hangover cured.

16h - Departure for the club.

A beautiful stage, plenty of space. Everything seemed ok. We used instruments such as drums or keyboard and amplifier from the other opening act, which came from the Czech Republic, Eagle Heart, and so we had to clear some things. For example was the drummer of Eagle Heart left-handed. So we were glad that Nicholas our manager speaks Czech. Oherwise it had caused chaos and our Alex would have had to replace his arms. The sound check went well then normal.

Mad Max started that evening and were very good. Eagle Heart then had indeed more or less a home game. As then began the intro to our set, people started to clap hands and the atmosphere was directly at the highest level. The new songs were a success as well as the acoustic set. Especially "Heaven in Black" where Rob plays the Heavy Metal mandolin.

Bernie made his jokes with the audience. He reads sentences from a piece of paper that had been translated into Czech before. Judging by the reactions of the audience, I was not so sure that the translations have been really correct.

Two encores had to be, and after the "Kiss him goodbye Nana" we went to the dressing room to cool down.
But there was not much time, because a lot of fans were waiting for autographs to. We get out quickly and dived into the crowd.

The concert was very good and so we were ready for the next day.

Zlin 2/4/2010

First of all we had to travel about three-hours to Zlin. Today there was breakfast in the hotel and the departure was planned for 10h.
After arriving in Zlin we first check in to the hotel.

The girl at the reception was totally overwhelmed. So many people at once. That was hard and the lady completely lost track of. We did the room planning on our own and sent her to vacation.

Then off to sound check. Since then everything was running normally. The show starts – and - shock: The guitar amp was not running. There was a big mess and our engineers are jumping all mixed up.
Ten minutes and the problem was solved, thanks to God. The show could begin. The reactions were also great.

But the problems went on. Marco his guitar strap and he had to play a part of the song on his knees on the floor so that he don’t looses control about his instrument.

Then I saw our technicians working on the drumset. Because of Alex power-style the Drumset seemed to fall apart.

Then again, the guitar amp broke down. Loose connection. Somebody had to hold the cable all the time to prevent from dropouts.


The audience recognized nothing about it and the band rocked as if it were no more tomorrow. German quality works against poor technique. That works.

The setlist was unchanged.

Then again we had to write a lot of autographs and after that party in the café near by. After a lots of photo shoots of the visiting press I felt like Robbie Williams.

When I heard the starting time for the next day (7:30), I regretted not only the last Jackie-Cola. But it is like it is.

The organizer was happy and prospected gigs for autumn or winter. Yeah. But I think next time we will prefer to drive by car, even if it is wide, and come with our own equipment.

Only two hours sleep in that night.

Oh man. ...
But I like this country.
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