Spain Report
[ 12.3.2010 - 15.3.2010 ]
by Harry Oellers

After last year's success at the Metalway Festival in Zaragoza we now played a few club shows in Spain.

When I got the flight dates I realized: Oh my God.
Take off from Düsseldorf 6:25. Two hours before flight you have to stay there and for the show the same evening the band has to be fit.

We then all met at 3:30!!!!! to drive together to the airport. Safety first. About our feeling in that early hour I better don’t talk.

First we had to fly to Mallorca and then we arrived pretty stressed totally exhausted in Seville. We didn’t had much time for check in to the hotel and went directly after it into the club. We met Ingo, our Tourmanager for the next few days.

For the technique on stage  "Duce" was responsible, who normally works for Children of Bodom, the sound was done by "Basi" , who had already worked for us on the last Metalway Festival.

The amplifiers and the drums of the Spanish opening act, we should play on, had to be checked. For me a keyboard had been hired, but with no stand. That feels like having a car without wheels.

Thank God that somebody was able to organise a stand for me.

For the Shows in Spain we have changed the setlist a bit so "Underworld" and for the Acoustic-Set Heaven in black "and" Little war "were now in. Rob plays during “Heaven in black” his Heavy Metal mandolin. Let's see if things go well.

After the sound check we went back to the hotel, as the shows in Spain usually took place always a little later.

The Spanish support band made good job and when we came on stage about 23:30, the audience was already in a good mood.

The new setlist was doing very well. Especially "Heaven in black" was celebrated euphorically. Bernie talks in Spanish while reading from a piece of paper on which were his words in Spanish. The girl that was on stage during the acoustic set was rhythmically not quite on the level, as she act with the tambourine. But the band could stand it.
Two encores and the usual, "Na na kiss him goodbye" at the end finalized a great show. Then we had to give a lots of autographs and everyone wanted a photo. Patience was required.

I was totally burned out after that and I think all the others too. The early start in the morning was too heavy and as the distances between the clubs in Spain are not really short so that we had to leave very early next morning.

8 a.m. was departure and about 500km to drive to the capital Madrid. The journey was uneventful and when we arrived to the club in Madrid we met to our surprise the tour manager of the last trips of Spain two years ago who worked here as a local organizer. Here was technically everything at it’s best to the last detail. The club was filled in the evening and to everyone's surprise, there were two members of the Axxis Fan-club from Freiburg visiting us.

The show was also great and the changes in the setlist again proved to be a good decision. There were many press people this night and the Spanish distribution of Axxis was also present. They were very enthusiastic about our show.

The trip to Barcelona the next day was about 600 km so we stayed not very long after the show to get at least a little sleep.

7:30 a.m. departure to Barcelona. The club is located near the beach and Rob, tour manager Ingo and some others decided to go to a cafe on the beach after soundcheck.

Then there was a lots of excitement after their return. The guys were asked by a few Spaniards to go to a disco in the evening when Rob suddenly felt a hand in his pocket: He was able to defend himself but Ingo had no such luck and he had to discover later that his wallet has been stolen.

All the money, identification documents and cards were gone. We went directly back to the scene of crime, but nobody was there. The police that we called for help knew about the guys, but haven’t been able to do anything against it right now.

Great help. So the mood of our tour manager was gone. I was glad that I had chosen to stay in the club. Nobody needs shit like that.
The show in the evening was absolutely great and a great final for this tour. Bernie's claims were super and so was the set list. We celebrate the success together with our Spanish fans after the show and because we didn’t had to leave very early next day it was a long night.

The return flight was without incident and we all were total off but very pleased when we arrived home.


1. Utopia
2. Bloodangel
3. Last man on earth
4. Lady Moon
5. Little Princess
6. Stay don't leave me
7. Fass mich an
8. Underworld
9. Instrumental

Acoustic-set: Little war - Touch the rainbow - Heaven in Black

12.Wind in the night
13.Save me
14.Little look back
15.Kingdom of the night

1. Encore:

16.Doom of Destiny
17.Tales of glory island

2. Encore:

18.Living in a world
19.Nana Kiss him goodbye