February 2010 - A letter from Misagh ... living in Iran.
Misagh, 22 years old student in Iran wrote AXXIS an email. He wrote about his thoughts, his way of living, his way to AXXIS and his life as a rockfan & rockdrummer in his country: Iran!
For security reasons we changed his name .

Bernhard: "As I recieved his mail I was really touched by his words and his point of view regarding his own situation in Iran. Usually we all get all informations anonymiously from TV etc. but now we got a very personal story. So I appreciate it very much that Misagh will share his thoughts, emotions and his way of living especially as a musician in Iran with all of us. Thanxx !!"

HELLISH ROCK 07/08 - Tourreport by Marco Wriedt
AXXIS are back from their successful Hellish Rock Tour.
Their new guitarplayer Marco wrote a report regarding his new experiences, feelings and his unforgettable impressions.

Share his memories by reading his report!

By the way:
A fan called Nobby, who won the auction wrote a report too. But this one is written in German. Maybe you are interested?! Click here

Our Fanclub members are singing
The "PASSION FOR ROCK" choir met each other in the the AXXIS studio to eat "Schnitzel" and sing along on the song "Passion for Rock".
Interviews with AXXIS for "TIME MACHINE"

FANCLUB PARTY 2002 FRANZIS in Wetzlar/Germany

  • Edith wrote this report from the AXXIS Fanclubparty in 2002 in Wetzlar/germany
INTERVIEW with Bernhard
  • Interview with Bernhard during the EYES OF DARKNESS Production
  • Jenny Jenken, the former fanclub leader, visited AXXIS during their recordings for the BACK TO THE KINGDOM cd.